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New players Truth and Dare Post Camino: Mardi and Eric

Mardi and Eric are two more fine individuals that I met on the Camino de Santiago who have agreed to play Truth and Dare with Dandelion Projects. They are both high spirited, generous individuals who enthusiastically supported the delivery of many of my Truth and Dares on the Camino. For which I am eternally grateful and I have to say I miss them daily as I miss many things about walking the pilgrim's trail. I'm delighted they've taken up the invitation play Truth and Dare Post Camino. True to their adventurous spirits they've started their game with a Dare.

Dare: To go somewhere you've never been before and convince a stranger to let you sleep in their house.

Photographic evidence including a yellow dandelion, has been posted -  with the tagline Thanks Ron and Kate. The photo leads me to conject that making dumplings is a convivial social occasion that supported the giving and accepting of hospitality between strangers. Way to go guys.  

Mardi, Ron and Kate

Mardi with hosts Ron and Kate ,- strangers no more.

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