Naomi McCarthy

artist, writer, animateur

Truth: What do you long for when you are alone?


interesting question… I don’t think I long for anything. When I am alone it’s usually an intentional choice to take the time out for myself and so I embrace it for what it is, not wishing an end and enjoying it whilst it lasts. However usually my private alone time is a chance for me to spend time with God (so actually, never alone - crazy weird as that sounds to say). And so I long for deeper intimacy with God when I am alone. But as a blanket thought, I don’t long for anything else :)


More Time! Undoubtedly when I am alone, I am worried, worried that an interruption is coming and I will not have finished all the things I need to finish before I am not alone again. Luckily I am getting better at being alone with other people, for example, putting earphones in at work to block out distractions or closing a door and asking not to be interrupted when at home. Segway - I owned a dog once, I loved walking him, as the little patch of creek we walked along was always deserted and I was undoubtedly always alone. The best part was, I decided how long our walk was, so I never needed to long for more time. Maybe I should start longing for a dog when I am alone….

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