Naomi McCarthy

artist, writer, animateur


it begins

The Inaugural Dandelion Project

Truth & Dare on the Dual Caminos

15 September - 3 November 2014

Camino Walkers aka Pilgrims: 

Naomi McCarthy

Walking the Camino Frances from St-Jean-Pied-De-Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain


 Shirley Daborn  

Walking a Camino in daily life in Australia


Truth and Dare Animateurs*

Shaun Tan - writer and artist 

Kate Mitchell - artist 

Kendal Murray - artist  

Phil Beadle - writer and educator 

Rita Golden Gelman - writer and traveller  

Nick Earls - writer

Lloyd Niccol - project manager 

Project Outline: 

For Truth and Dare on the Dual Caminos, seven animateurs were enlisted to offer seven truths, seven dares and one double dare to be enacted by two pilgrims, one walking a Camino in daily life in Australia and one walking the Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Enlisting seven different animateurs means that every day for seven weeks our two pilgrims are prepared to have their daily lives influenced in unpredictable ways by seven different sensibilities. The proffered Truths and Dares bundled into seven weekly offerings will be unwrapped Monday morning of each week. Both pilgrims are known to have warm personalities and robust senses of humour although one of the pilgrims is by nature more reserved than the other. It remains to be seen how the project will be shaped by the participating individuals, both animateurs and pilgrims alike. Both pilgrims hope that fun and frivolity will sprout from the seeds of the Camino project as well as moments of revelation, pathos and connection; connection that may well be brought about by a willingness to make oneself vulnerable. 

Project Outcomes: 
Blog on Dandelion Projects web site 
An artist’s book 
Further collaborative projects inspired by Truth and Dare on the Dual Caminos.  

Project Background: 
Truth or dare is a game for almost any age but is often most interesting to young people from mid to late primary school, through high school and into the early 20s. It is most engaging when people are still curious about each other in terms of the truth section and when they are testing boundaries and embarrassment levels in the dare section. Adults don't often play this game- maybe we have become less interested and curious about each other and maybe we are not so interested in testing the limits of our bravery in the dare section. Although, there is an on-line game of truth or dare for adults that is popular. Truth and Dare on the Dual Caminos sprouted from a desire to conflate a certain childlike gameness and sense of mischief to the endurance game of life, compressed within a nominated time frame. Seven weeks, seven truth and seven dares became the scaffold for the project.

General Rules of Truth and Dare: 

  1. You need at least two players.
  2. One player is the animateur and offers a choice to the other 'Truth or Dare'.
  3. One player is the subject and selects truth or dare. 
  4. Animateur: if truth is selected they pose a question, often of a personal nature. 
  5. Subject: answers the question (the full truth is sought for here and there may be encouragement to answer the question further if it is suspected that the full truth was not at first revealed). 
  6. If the truth is answered the roles swap.
  7. A subject can if they don't want to answer the truth then request a dare in place of the truth. 
  8. A subject can ask for a dare straight away. The dare should not be illegal, life threatening or harmful to property or people. If the dare is complete roles swap. 
  9. If you do not complete either a dare or a truth you are shamed by being dropped out of the game or a forfeit double dare can be paid. A double dare is a harder more daring dare.
  10. You cannot do more than two truths or two dares in a row. This rule ensures that players cannot simply stick to the area that they are already confident with, for example always choosing dares if they are physically brave.  

*Animateur: a person who enlivens or encourages something, especially a promoter of artistic projects.



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