Naomi McCarthy

artist, writer, animateur

Pop-Up Truth and Dare

30 December 2013 – 2 January 2014


Project Outline

Pop-Up Truth and Dare at the Lost Paradise Festival is the first iteration of Truth and Dare on the Dual Camino. Set within the beauty of Glenworth Valley, Truths and dares posed by the seven animateurs from our inaugural project have been specifically chosen to instigate fun and interaction among festivalgoers.

A bouquet of Dandelions

Animateur Naomi McCarthy,on New Year's Eve with an armful of Dandelions ready to begin playing Truth or Dare at Lost Paradise Festival, Glenworth Valley NSW.

Two willing (and adorable) players of Truth and Dare, each handed a Dare to be completed before the night's end.

Another game festival goer, with her challenge in hand, looking positive and vibrant and ready to tackle her dare. 

Two darling friends, one whose dare was stand on one leg for ten seconds, see next photo for results and one whose dare was indeed much more challenging - Kiss a policeman. As it was New Year;s Eve, her chances were the highest they were going to be all year.   

A well balanced young lady - perhaps this challenge would have been more 'challenging' after midnight.  

This 'handsome lass' took on her dare with relish, to get five people to give her a hug. I was the first delighted recipient.    

The girl on the left's dare was to tell someone she cared about,how much they meant to her and be sincere. She came back later and told me that she had left her dandelion between a couple sleeping in the shade of a gum tree, so that when they woke up they would read the card and fulfill the dare. What a thoughtful and indeed delightful turn of affairs.  

Dandelion Installation ready for picking at Shambhala Chill Out Zone at the Lost Paradise Festival. 

Many players of Truth and Dare players weren't captured on camera including the lad who 'stole' a dandelion from my hand and then came back to make sure it was was OK with me that he kept the 'stolen goods.' Which of course it was as long as he completed his dare to do something he'd never done before. He promptly kissed me on the forehead and ran off into the crowd contraband dandelion in hand. This was one of many delightful, unpredictable, joyful encounters this Pop-Up project instigated.  Stay tuned for another Pop-Up Dandelion Project in the near future. in the meantime, be brave, be creative and be kind - see you soon. 

Winding down the festival after three days of music, madness and celebration. A joyful start to 2015. 

Contact:  Shirley.dandelionprojects@gmailcom