Naomi McCarthy

artist, writer, animateur

Workshop Wonderland

This project has developed a little differently than we planned - instead of sending Dandelion making kits out to community groups for them to contribute their dandelions and wishes to the final artwork - we have been drawn into running workshops in a range of community spaces. Whilst making life a little squeezy, as we both work fulltime, this new development has also brought its joys and surprises. I have so far delivered two outreach workshops, one each for a Bhutanese and a Chinese friendship group. As most people in these groups don't speak English and I speak only English, the gathering of wishes, of necessity, has been facilitated by someone from each group who speaks and writes both languages. Curiously the gathered wishes were culturally coherent, and apart from the odd moment of irreverent humour the wishes from each group were analogous to each other within the cohort. By the time we collect 2000 wishes, it will be interesting to see just how coloured by culture our wishes are and also as the project develops to see if we can encourage people to offer their secret wishes unmediated by community expectations…   


The making of these lovely little golden orbs is bringing joy and connection wherever they are made. They are gathering in numbers ready to unite in our 'Veil of Wishes' at Blacktown Art Centre, December 2017.

Contact:  Shirley.dandelionprojects@gmailcom