Naomi McCarthy

artist, writer, animateur

The team

Artists Shirley Daborn and Naomi McCarthy, operating as creative collective Dandelion Projects are all about curiosity, creativity and being inclusive. Founding member Shirley Daborn has this to say about their upcoming collaborative artwork for The Pat Parker Memorial Residency, “I believe that most people have an internal yearning that becomes silenced through the responsibilities of everyday life. Meeting the routine demands of family or work, for example, leaves little time for contemplating the larger philosophical issues of life. Our Veil of Wishes project will invite people to contribute their personal aspiration and highlight how the dreams and wishes of individuals can be united to express often unspoken communal desires.” Whilst founding member Naomi McCarthy reflects on the project in this way; “I often imagine, especially just on dusk as the day is drawing to a close, a bubble of yearning gathering in the sky over the suburbs. For this project, we will be gathering up the secret wishes of people who live in the Blacktown district and creating a digital text-based artwork to accompany a public art installation draping The Blacktown Arts Centre in thousands of sunny, yellow paper dandelions made by the community. Because, whilst considered a weed by some, a dandelion has the ability, with just a teaspoon of soil and a drop of rain, to pop up practically anywhere, resilient and cheerful - we love that about them."

Contact:  Shirley.dandelionprojects@gmailcom